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Easter Season

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“In the midst of winter, I found, within me, an invincible summer.”


I find this quote from Albert Camus helpful as we experienced a snowstorm the week after Easter.  I suppose this is another “Welcome to Wisconsin, have a nice day,” moment.


In these words, I also find a little Easter.  In at least one Gospel, throughout his ministry, Jesus told his disciples that they were not to tell people what he is doing until after the resurrection.  Even in the midst of the Passion story of crucifixion and resurrection, we read of the disciples “not yet understanding.”


The teachings, healings, preaching moments, conversations, and miracles are not the ends in and of themselves.  It is in the light of the crucifixion and resurrection that we discover God’s mighty YES.  And that YES is a part of each of those moments of grace in Jesus’ life and ministry.  That YES is a part of each of our days, whether we recognize it or not.


My prayer is that we continue to discover God’s mighty YES for love and justice, for mercy and healing, for reconciliation and truth-telling.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Phil

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