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What Refills You?

This past week, I got to spend several days at Moon Beach Camp, one of our three UCC camps in Wisconsin.  This one is about 3-1/2 hours north near St. Germaine on Moon Lake.  It.  Was.  Beautiful.


I was there for a watch party, as about a dozen ministers gathered together and we watched the sermons and lectures from the Festival of Homiletics livestreamed from their gathering in Pittsburg.  (Homiletics is the fancy word for the study of preaching.)


I met clergy from around the state, got my brain and heart fed by high quality preaching and teaching, got my belly fed by camp food, and got my soul fed by being out in nature in a beautiful location.


I am grateful to Salem UCC for making such things available to me as your pastor, to help me recharge and not try to pour from an empty bucket.


What refills you?  What recharges you?  What brings you joy, or awe, or creativity?  What feeds your soul?


And how can we as the church work together to refill and recharge one another and our community of neighbors?


Grace and Peace.

Pastor Phil

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