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We are an open and affirming congregation, and our mission is to witness to the word and work of Jesus so all people may know the welcome of God, worship with joy, grow as disciples, live as servants, and enjoy the strength of Christian fellowship.


Welcome to Salem UCC in Verona
Our in-church Worship is temporarily suspended, so we will continue to prepare and share our most recent and upcoming services with you!

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For November 20, 2020


November 22 is the last Sunday of the church’s liturgical year. A new year begins with the First Sunday of Advent. The last Sunday of the liturgical year is always the day to hold the Liturgy of Totenfest. Totenfest remembers by name those persons from our congregation who died over the last twelve months. There is also opportunity for worshippers to remember aloud or in their hearts others whom they hold dear who also died over this period of time. Though our service is online, we will nonetheless conduct the Liturgy of Totenfest. Salem’s roll call this year includes the following: Fritz Neuenschwander, Gil Strelow, Valeria Feller, Mercy Zurbuchen, Sue Rotar, and Rod Waldmann. As each name is called, a candle will be lit and a bell will toll.


The sermon for the online service this week concludes the fall series of sermons on the nature of God as seen through various books of the Bible. The concluding thought is that God is like Jesus. The featured text is the Upper Room exchange between Philip and Jesus in which Jesus says, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father” (Jn. 14:9).


It has become a happy tradition for our church to join with St. Andrew Catholic Church, St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Sugar River United Methodist Church for an Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service. It would have fallen to Salem to host the service this year had we been able to gather collectively. We still are hosting a service, though virtually! Our able tag team of videographers, Kevin Booth and John Bass, have fielded recordings from the pastors of the churches and music from Dawn Lingard and (chiefly) members of our Chancel Choir under Janet Dahl’s leadership, and they are putting them together into a unified whole following an Order of Worship written by Mark Yurs. Kurt Billings from St. James is the preacher this year. The service will be available on our website (www.salemchurchverona.org) next week, and Kevin has arranged for it to be broadcast on the Verona Hometown Cable Channel. The televised airings will be as follows:

                            Nov 26      5:00 PM   Thanksgiving
Nov 27            4:00 PM
Nov 30            4:00 PM
Dec 1               5:00 PM
Dec 3               5:00 PM

In addition to our website and the cable channel, each church will have the service available on the platform it uses for virtual gatherings. The work of worship and the common work of our congregations continue! Give thanks!


November 29 is the First Sunday of Advent. Our online service for November 29 will be recorded this Wednesday, November 25 at 5 PM. Christmas decorations at the church will be limited this year to those within the frame of the camera for the online services. That will include our Christmas trees on either side of the altar, the nativity scene on the altar, and the Advent wreath. COVID restrictions mean we cannot have a “y’all come” decorating extravaganza, but is there a family who would like to volunteer to erect our chancel decorations? Please let Mark know as soon as possible. Thank you!


The renewed guidelines issued by Dane County restricting public gatherings prompt us to explore the possibility of establishing a phone tree here at Salem wherein a cadre of callers would make periodic phone calls to our members. The purpose of the calls is simply to check in with our members and to help them feel connected with the church. Callers will not ask for anything as in a stewardship call; they will simply extend the church’s greeting and engage in a few moments of brief conversation. If you would like to volunteer to be one of these telephone ministers, please let Mark know. Thanks!


Please join us as we focus our Advent journey on the characters of the Nativity and what they can teach us about living a Christ centered life. Remember that Inter-Generational means old, young, married, single, kids, adults…EVERYONE! Contact Sarah Pundt for Zoom link (spundt@salemchurchverona.org)


9:00AM Sunday School

10:15AM Worship

Our office is open in the mornings on weekdays.


Our Community

Whether you are looking to renew your relationship with God or just find friends to support you through good times and bad, Salem offers regular services, fellowship, outreach, community service, potluck programs, and musical groups to keep you coming back.


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