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Sound @ Salem

Ministry through Music

Music has long been a staple of our worship and fellowship experiences.  We offer multiple choirs for all age groups, opportunities for special music, or you can participate from the pew with your ears and through hymns.

Music is an integral part of our church’s life & mission. Our hymnal is the UCC hymnal, The New Century Hymnal, and we supplement that resource with music of other traditions from around the world.

Salem feels blessed by God through the ministries of its several choirs.  Understanding that we all have busy lives which impact our ability to do the ‘fun’ things, we hope you feel free to join any one of our groups – even if only for a brief time or for a specific worship service or concert.  We would love to have you join us!

Music: Welcome


Children's Choir
Chancel Choir
Barry Robinson Chorus (lower voices)
Hymn sings
Special music



Bell Choir
Organ, Piano
Special Music


Special events

Verona Thanksgiving 
Christmas concert
Music Sunday (Spring)
Winter benefit concert

Music: Ministries

Music has been offered in worship since Biblical times; this offering is vitally important, for music has the ability to transcend words; it can inspire, excite, soothe, and heal; it can unite people of different backgrounds and nationalities, it can speak to people of all faiths and of none, and it can point the way to God.

Music: Quote
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