Hopscotch Sundays!

Hopscotch is a game that you can play with many people and it involves hopping around to different areas on a grid drawn on the ground. On Hopscotch Sundays, we will not actually be playing this children’s game, but we will use these Sundays to mentally “jump around” and engage a variety of ages in a special project or learn about specific theological topics in greater depth. “Hopscotch” Sunday simply indicates that our Sunday morning schedule will look a bit different that day. Currently, we have 5 Hopscotch Sundays planned for the 2019-2020 school year:
Dec. 1 @ 9am, Ornament Sunday,  PreK-Grade 12 & Families
Jan.5 @ 9am, Stewardship: Review Advent Mission Project, PreK-Grade 12
Feb. 23 @9am, Understanding Lent, All Ages
April 5 @9am, Palm Sunday Pilgrimage, All Ages
April 26 @9am, God & Creation: Celebrate Earth Day, All Ages


Christian Education Events

· Sunday Morning Education with Children’s worship

Sunday school classes, & Adult
· Sunday School Kick-off & Registration Event
· Advent (Ornament) Sunday
· Children’s Christmas Program and Celebration
· Seasonal Mission Projects (coordinate with Mission Committee)
· Palm Sunday Donkey Walk and Holy Pilgrimage
· Nursery Care
· Children’s Music Ministry
· Vacation Bible School
· Activity Bags for children to enjoy during worship
· Library Resources

Contact Sarah Pundt spundt@salemchurchverona.org to join the BoCE or to assist with any of
the Christian Education programs.

Crafts at VBS

Vacation Bible School

It is a fun and rewarding experience for participants and volunteers alike.


Christmas Program

Usually held the third Sunday of December



We often have a "Community Searchlight" series of presentations from the community and discussion on how we at Salem can best engage with our neighbors- guests have included the Verona Police, school counselors, and BPNN volunteers- check the calendar for our next discussion!


Ornament Sunday

This is when the children of our church make ornaments to decorate our Christmas tree.